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Check Out Our Local Sister Company, KIDSTAR!

1 Mar

Check Out Our Local Sister Company, KIDSTAR!

“Giving Young Customers an Amusing & Eco-friendly Dining Experience!”

Ever wonder where those adorable coloring books that keep your young ones busy during breakfast come from? Right here in Denver! Kidstar provides kid-friendly cups, activity books, soybean crayons, and Wikki Stix at all five of our restaurants, in various interesting themes of adventure and fantasy tales. These amazing kids products keep our kid customers not only occupied, but also happily entertained! Being environmentally-friendly, easy to grip and hard to spill products, Kidstar is the most well known, reliable, affordable and SAFEST source of restaurant supplies for kids items. So next time you’re in, earn some brownie points and make a pair of colorful glasses out of Wikki Stix!

Learn more @ kidstar.com!

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