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How delectable do you like your eggs?

2 Aug

How delectable do you like your eggs?

In our 35 years of business we’ve mastered 14 different ways to cook your eggs!

  1. Hard Boiled – boiled in water so the egg white and yolk both solidify
  2. Soft Boiled – same process as hard, but cooked in half the time so the yolk, and sometimes the white, remain at least partially liquid
  3. Hard Scrambled – the whites and yolks are broken and mixed together cooked all the way through
  4. Soft Scrambled – same process as hard but cooked in half the time, done when cooked but still “wet”
  5. Sunny Side Up – when the egg whites are cooked on one side (no flipping) and the yolk is runny and bright as the sun!
  6. Over Easy – same consistency of sunny side up, but it is flipped and cooked a bit on both sides but still with runny yolk
  7. Over Medium – cooked a bit longer than over easy so the yolk is a tad firmer, but still runny
  8. Over Hard – cooking the egg on both sides so the yolk on the inside is firm and cooked, usually breaking the yolk while it cooks
  9. Poached Soft – boiling without the shell so the white is cooked and the yolk is runny
  10. Poached Medium – same process as soft, but boiled a bit longer so the yolk is a little firmer but still a tad runny
  11. Poached Hard – same process as poached soft & medium but cooked long enough that the yolk is much firmer than medium and not runny at all
  12. Basted – steaming the eggs in a covered sautéed pan with a little water without flipping them
  13. Omelette – folded layer of scrambled eggs filled with chosen ingredients
  14. Frittata – similar to the Omelette, but open-faced scrambled eggs with chosen ingredients!

Eggs are filled with nutritious iron, vitamins, minerals and with 7 grams of high quality protein in 1 egg- it’s hard to beat!

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