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Open 7:00am -2:00pm Daily

Colorado Grown, Owned & Operated! Meet Our LOCAL Partners!

2 Aug

Colorado Grown, Owned & Operated! Meet Our LOCAL Partners!

Polidori Sausage 

All of our delicious breakfast sausage & chorizo is made from local meat processor, Polidori! All sausage is gluten & preservative free!


Elevation Coffee Traders Co

Elevation roasts our very own “Delectable Egg House Blend” coffees & espressos, and have endless coffee flavors!


Aspen Baking Company

We order all of our fresh bread products daily from local Aspen Baking Company to be delivered fresh every morning! Bread products include all breads for toast sides, brioche bread for french toast, brioche burger buns, croissants, muffins & pastries!


Merfs Condiments

We provide 2 different local hot sauces, ‘electric lime’ & ‘hand grenade sriracha’, on our tables and individually for sale. We love Merfs because they’re local and use local and organic ingredients!


Local Artists!

You may have noticed the artwork on our walls change pretty frequently. That’s because we love supporting local artists by hanging their creative & unique pieces in our restaurants! They’re also for sale, 100% goes straight to the artist, we just enjoy seeing the pieces and supporting our community!

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